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Moment Catchers sketching challenge

My friends, if there was an unofficial theme for our third Moment Catchers sketching challenge, it was undoubtedly the weather — in all its capricious glory.

All last week, I was looking forward to sketching outside in the former Jewish neighborhood of Reus in Montevideo, where one street in particular is lined with colorfully painted houses. My boyfriend and sketching partner-in-crime José and I did indeed make it to that street on Saturday, but only in time for the wind to pick up and the sky to darken with heavy, gray clouds.

“What do you think?” José asked me as we stood indecisively beside a blue-and-green house, knowing that any sketches we might start would surely be rained out.

“You know, I kind of love the idea of sketching indoors today,” I said to him. “Some of the other Moment Catchers mentioned they’ll have to do the same. Both Angela and Victoria said it’s probably going to be raining in Leeds and Sydney, so it’s actually fun to think we’ll all be looking for shelter today…”

And so we changed our plans, promising each other we’d return to Reus on another [hopefully sunnier] day.

Candace Rardon sketch artist

Seeking shelter on Saturday inside a beautiful bookstore-cum-café in Montevideo’s old town, Más Puro Verso.

*   *   *

When I think about it now, I can’t imagine many other circumstances where I would be so well-acquainted with — and concerned about — the weather forecasts in so many different cities across the world.

But as it turns out, the Moment Catchers community is such a circumstance, one in which I now find myself taking note of whether or not it’s supposed to rain each weekend in England, Australia, and a dozen other countries in between. I absolutely love that sense of global connection and awareness about this project — but moment-catcher Victoria in Sydney said it best on Instagram:

“I didn’t find it easy to start. I wasted about 25 minutes walking around getting a bit depressed because it was raining…In the morning I wasn’t sure I could do this, but when I finished in the afternoon, I was so uplifted, especially when my ‘friends’ around the world had the same weather predicament and did AMAZING sketches.”

I’ve come to love this two-part process to each Moment Catchers challenge — first being fully present in the moment in order to sketch it; then coming home, getting online to see everyone else’s sketches, and suddenly feeling a part of something much bigger than my own singular experience.

And yet, what is even more exciting about Moment Catchers today is this — we are growing, friends! For each of our first two challenges, we had 24 artists take part from 10 or 11 different countries. This past weekend, both of those figures grew by more than 150%.

This was our biggest turnout yet, so I can’t wait for you to see the full collection of moments you all caught this weekend:

Moment Catchers sketching challenge

*   *   *


1. Amanda

2. Max

Moment Catchers sketching challenge

3. Jan

Moment Catchers sketching challenge

Moment Catchers sketching challenge

Moment Catchers sketching challenge

4. Kar

King William bridge Adelaide #momentcatchers @candacerardon

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5. Kerry

6. Serena

7. Victoria

Final sketch #momentcatchers #candacerardon

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8. Brenda

9. Francois

Whistler village 💖from the balcony ⛷❄ #momentcatchers #watercolor #drawind #whistler #whistlerblackcomb #ski #skiing #sketch

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10. Genevieve

11. Jill

12. Mel

13. Sheryl


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14. Tahirih

15. Treava

16. Yvonne


17. Angela


18. Marta


19. Steve


20. Sarah


21. Rebecca

Moment Catchers sketching challenge


22. Olivia

The Netherlands

23. Jobien


24. Jolene


25. Kate


26. Elisa


27. Jens

28. Zenobia

United States

29. Cara

A quick little sketch from the kitchen table for some #momentcatchers as the sun sunk behind a wall of fog.

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30. Jennie

Moment Catchers sketching challenge

31. LaCount

Keeping Lent Holy and listening for God's knock at my door. #momentcatchers

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32. Linda

It's the first Saturday of the month, so you know what that means…… challenge day! #momentcatcher #inprogress

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Moment Catchers sketching challenge

33. Michele

34. Sunny

Moment Catchers sketching challenge


35. Gabriela

Moment Catchers sketching challenge

Moment Catchers sketching challenge

36. José

Moment Catchers sketching challenge

37. Candace


38. Jade

*   *   *

Thank you again to everyone who took part in our third Moment Catchers project!
I’m already looking forward to our next challenge on April 1st and 2nd, 2017.

Moment Catchers challenge April

*   *   *

  • Amanda Thompson

    Another gorgeous round up! So glad we are growing. The amazing variety of artwork is fantastic and I love having a trip around the world each month. Thanks for your hard work Candace. It is much appreciated.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed our full collection of March sketches, Amanda! And I’m just thrilled that you’re able to take part in the Moment Catchers challenges–I always look forward to seeing the eastern coast of Australia through your eyes (and sketchbook!) every month 🙂

  • Kate Volyanskaya

    This is amazing. So many countries and people from around the world! Looking forward for the next one in April!:)

    • I’m so happy you could join us this month from Moscow, Kate! And I couldn’t agree more about the variety of places represented here–this month more than ever, I’m astonished by just how diverse our community is across the world. I can’t wait to keep following along your beautiful art journal posts on Instagram, and especially to see what you create during our next challenge in April 🙂

  • Sunny Christian

    wow, what fun! and what a delight to be part of this world wide group out sketching our hearts out. Thank you Candace!! xox

    • “Sketching our hearts out” = Sunny, I think you may have just coined the unofficial tagline of the Moment Catchers community 🙂 Thank you so much for joining us again this month (I just love that driftwood sketch), and I can’t wait to see what you create in April! xoxo

  • Jill Browne

    This is so cool! I hope it’s not too much work for you, Candace, as we grow and grow.
    I feel sorry for Steve (@steveswanderdoodles) having the worst bus ride of his life – but what a creative way to pass the time.
    Cheers, everyone, and thanks for sharing. I love this!

    • Thank you so much for joining in the challenge again this month, Jill! And I’m very happy to say it’s the best kind of work I could imagine 🙂 I love sketching with everyone over the weekend, and then getting to bring all of the sketches together on Monday…for me, it’s a continual exercise in gratitude and wonder, as I watch this community grow. So looking forward to sketching with you again in April! <3

  • “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons” … love this! And you celebrating your very own mate moments as well… 🙂
    Really amazing to see the moment catcher movement growing Candace! And it’s really wonderful to have so much creativity and diversity gathered in one place! Still no UK on the list, maybe I can change that at some point… 😉
    Thanks again for sharing!

    • Oliver, you nailed it here, as always 🙂 As I love what you said about creativity and diversity…maybe that’s what I’m loving so much about this challenge and community–that the tremendous geographic diversity is a perfect mirror of how diverse we all are creatively as well. And so for me, celebrating the different countries and cultures we’re all from is just another way of celebrating each of our unique creative voices and sketching styles. Thanks so much for helping me work that out just now 🙂 And yes! I would be so thrilled to have you join us–I love having Angela take part each month from Leeds, and it’d be great to have you representing the UK as well!

      • Candace, your words (no matter if above or below the social media sharing section) always sparkle with enthusiasm and depth… love it! 🙂 Well, you already found the perfect picture and words for the growing community of moment cathers and “dream sketchers”. Not sure how long you intend to run the project and curate the collected creativity and diversity, but I already could see a potential final work: some sort of a “stitch sketch” based on the idea of a chain story where different people one after another add a fragment to complete artwork. Say making a world panorama of sketches where every single artist creates a snipppet of life (no matter if urban or scenic) based on a previous artwork so they would sort of blend…
        Sorry, I think I got carried away again “slightly”. However, I do look forward to join the movement at some point and become part of something beautiful again.. 🙂 Angelas artwork flew completely under my radar when I was searching for something from the UK I have to admit. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  • Awesome work, everyone! Well done! It’s so nice to see it all here in one place as a few don’t have Instagram.

    • I’m so glad you could join in again last weekend, Serena, and especially that you enjoyed the full collection of sketches! Seeing them all here together never fails to make me smile 🙂

  • Christine Owen

    What is the best paper for the sketch journals you all use? I have water colour journals (300gsm), but they seem to heavy and expensive for pencil/pen sketches – are there other options?

    • Sunny Christian

      hi, I have a Canson XL mix media 98 lb 5.5 X 8.5 inch spiral sketchbook. I love it. Costs about $6 at WalMart.

      • Great question, Christine! And great suggestion, Sunny–anything by Canson gets a thumb’s up from me 🙂 You’re very right, Christine–while 300 gsm paper is perfect for watercolors, it’s definitely a little heavy for just pencil or pen sketches. Instead, I would look for paper that’s about 100-130 gsm. You might look into Moleskine’s sketchbook, which has a paper weight of 165 gsm, or I also love using their watercolor notebook, whose paper is 200 gsm, and perfect for either drawing or painting. Please let me know if that helps, and if you have any additional questions!

  • Love all the sketches! So many talented, creative people out there…around the world. Wish I could do this…I have sketch envy!! …One of these days…(learning to draw is on my list)

    • I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this roundup of sketches from the last challenge, Colleen! And what I loved hearing even more is that learning to draw is on your list–let’s definitely make that happen 🙂 Danny Gregory’s Sketchbook Skool has a beginner’s course that looks great (I think it’s even called something like “How to draw without talent” :), so you might enjoy looking into that!

  • Treava

    Wow again Candace. Thank you so much for starting this amazing sketch group. I love seeing all the different works, perspectives, locations, styles…and it keeps growing. The sketches are just fantastic! Yes, the weather seemed the boon for a lot of us, one way or another, but we all overcame that hurdle. Just phenomenal. It’s also wonderful that you are sketching with us. Thank you again Candace.❤️😍

    • Thank *you*, Treava, for taking part again this weekend! Especially given the crazy cold temperatures you’ve been experiencing–I definitely had you in mind as I was writing about the weather 🙂 And I couldn’t agree more about the beautiful convergence of places and perspectives…as I just wrote to Oliver below in another comment, the diversity in location seems to be such a fitting mirror of how different we all are creatively. I can’t wait to keep sketching with you this year–and hopefully sketch together in person one day as well! <3

      • Treava

        Thank you Candace. I’m already looking forward to April Moment Catchers. And yes, it would be wonderful to sketch together in person!

  • Edny Dsw

    ouch..I skipped the third challenge, hopefully can follow catcher moment in april.
    candace I really like your idea, as it can push people to start sketching even its simple sketch.

    • I’m so glad the Moment Catchers idea resonates with you, Edny, and I can’t wait to have you join us in April! 🙂

  • Victoria Hannah

    You may start to regret this Candace!! I have a funny feeling you are probably going to double the 150% next month. Heavens you will spend all your time co-ordinating everyone around the world! This is sheer magic, it is wonderful and I absolutely love EVERYONE’S sketches, stories and also learning a little about all these new places. Isn’t life Heaven with art in it- in any form. It might be interesting one day to look at people who have depression problems, they might really start to come alive again if they started drawing? That is very simplistic, but it would be a lovely idea. I don’t think you can be unhappy sketching. Thank you Candace.

    • “Isn’t life Heaven with art in it?” Victoria, I can’t tell you how much I love that question–and I also couldn’t agree more with it 🙂 And while it does take a bit of time to round up everyone’s sketches each month, it’s also exactly the work I most love to do–and the incredible support and encouragement I feel from all the moment-catchers absolutely keeps me going! After six years of working as a freelance writer and artist, it feels as though I have finally stumbled into the very heart of what I’m meant to do, so I’m filled with nothing but gratitude for the role Moment Catchers has played in my life so far this year. I also *love* having you as a part of this community, and I can’t wait to keep sketching with you throughout 2017 and beyond! <3

  • Victoria Hannah

    Forgot to say I thought José’s sketch came from such an observant eye, I was zooming in to look at all the detail. Fabulous stuff, also thank you for the lovely photos of yourself at wok.

    • Yes! I was amazed as I watched José bring this sketch to life on Saturday…he has an incredible imagination and is always seeing things in an out-of-the-box kind of way, so to me, this sketch is a perfect example of that. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, too (and the sketches of me seeking shelter from the rain in the cafe 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful week, Victoria!

  • Wow, I had no idea so many others were dealing with rain as well that weekend! Thank you so much for compiling this roundup post, Candace, and for popping by Twitter just to check for mine! it’s so fun and inspirational to see everyone’s unique styles, and to celebrate where we each are in our sketching journeys.

    • Exactly! I was so amazed at what a role the weather played in all of our sketching sessions this time, that I couldn’t help but mention it in our roundup post 🙂 I love that no matter how many different corners of the world we might be in, there are still things like the rain joining us together. I’m so happy you could join us from Dozza this month, Rebecca, and I can’t wait to see where you’ll be taking part from in April! <3