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Happy Tuesday, Moment Catchers!

Before I sat down at my desk this morning and started pulling together this roundup of sketches from our September sketching challenge, I spent half an hour reading a book I just learned about on my favorite podcast, On Being. Called Composing a Life, the book was written by author and professor Mary Catherine Bateson and explores how though our lives today might be more fluid and complex than in the past, they’re also much more ripe with creative possibility.

She also weaves the life stories of four different women throughout the book, including that of dancer and jewelry designer Joan Erikson. And it was in a passage about Joan’s work that I came across a quote I knew I had to share in this month’s roundup:

“Joan’s view is that art, like life, is founded on different kinds of strength, and that…people can discover and develop strengths as they meet the challenge of giving concrete expression to their imaginations. ‘There’s a recapitulation of the stages of the life cycle whenever you go to do something, a picture for example. You have to have a certain basic trust that you can do this — you are going to do this. You have to have will, you have to have imagination enough and fancy enough to do it your way, to make it unique. You have to have confidence, identity, and so on.’”

The reason this quote struck me so much was because I noticed a certain theme running throughout our sketching challenge this weekend. Many of you shared in your comments that you were having to squeeze your sketch in among different things happening in your world — a daughter’s birthday party, a new job, a train journey home from a conference, or a difficult goodbye at an airport. Even I myself spent most of the weekend in transit, as I made my way back to Uruguay from the U.S.

I thought of us all with our plates full of the events that shape our lives — starting jobs, celebrating milestones, saying tearful goodbyes to those we love — and then I thought about how we still found even the smallest windows of time in which to sketch. Can’t you just imagine us all like the quote I shared above? Pulling out our sketchbooks with a look of determination and saying: We are going to do this. The clock may have been against us, but I’m amazed at the moments we still could capture.

Moment Catchers, it is always an honor to sketch with you each month — thank you for taking the time to be part of our September sketching challenge!

Moment Catchers September


1. Amanda

2. Debbie

Full sketch of the window #momentcatchers

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3. Elizabeth

4. Jan

Moment Catchers September

5. Kar

Ninette's dress…. Vintage boutique in Adelaide., September #momentcatchers for @candacerardon

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6. Lily

Lily's effort for September is an imaginary sketch if she were underwater #momentcatchers #sketching

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7. Max

Cam's Cafe #AbbotsfordConvent #momentcatchers

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8. Serena

9. Victoria


10. Jens


11. Beth

Moment Catchers September

Moment Catchers September

12. Daniel

13. Francois

14. Genevieve

15. Jill

16. Lynn

17. Nicki

18. Sheryl

Perfectly good Keens.

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19. Treava

Big bubbles blowing on a blustery beach!! For a very short moment a man came and blew a bunch of ginormous bubbles! Then as quickly as he showed up, he left. Previously I had sketched in the poor man who seemed exhausted trying to get back to shore with a SUP. He finally made it. I erased him when the bubble man showed up. The kite surfer was out there the whole time as were the sea gulls. They seemed to be picking up small fish from surf. The waves here on Kew Beach in Toronto were huge. It was really windy and chilly sitting by the boardwalk sketching this scene. Everyone I think (including myself) were trying to squeeze the last of summer fun before it sadly slips away into autumn. I love this area of Toronto, called The Beaches. #momentcatchers #toronto #watercolor #travelsketching #watercolour

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20. Yvonne


21. Alan

Moment Catchers September

22. Angela

#momentcatchers Pom Tiddly Om Pom Pom on the left, Mary Poppins on the right 😊

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#momentcatchers Sketching our favourite dog, whilst waiting for birthday Sunday roast to cook.

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23. Laurence

Working on thumbnails of my last holidays in Britain for #momentcatchers 🙂

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24. Sarah

Seine et Marne, France . . This is my contribution for the #momentcatchers weekend! I painted this watercolor from the back of my garden, I love this view… Sometimes, we see some roe deers playing in this field at dusk! 😊🦌 . . Voici ma contribution pour le week end #momentcatchers ! J'ai fait cette aquarelle du fond de mon jardin, j'adore cette vue… On peut parfois observer des chevreuils jouer dans le champ à la nuit tombante! 🦌😊 . . #pleinairpainting #profiterdumomentpresent #art_spotlight #artflowsessions #travelsketch #travelingartist #instaart #campagne #inspiredbynature #slowliving #sheexplores #forestmagic #aquarelle #landscapeart #landscapepainting #liveauthentic #mynaturestory #watercolorart #womenartists #watercolorpainting #cylcollective #makersmovement #carveouttimeforart #calledtobecreative #naturesart #natureisbeautiful #natureinspired #bestmadehandmade

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25. Tami

Great things take time to grow 🌲 and only a blink to be destroyed 🔥 . Never before have I joined #momentcatchers sketching community with such a heavy heart. Returning from National Geographic assignment in highlands of Georgia, my thoughts cling to fierce flames and tens of hectares of endemic pines burnt to ashes… Fires and casualties serve as an alarming reminder how much human (ir)responsibility counts ❕ . Yet, hopeful and impatient for replanting works to start: future will be green, or not at all 🌲🌳 . #nature #sketch #sketch_collector #momentcatchers #community #artcommunity #artsy #art #fineart #watercolor #watercolorart #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #waterblog #ff #inspiring_watercolors #doodleandsketch #pines #watercolour_gallery #watercolour_channel #sundayfunday #quoteoftheday #natgeo #makemoments

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26. Alenka

27. Daniela

28. Yamuna


29. Sandy

#momentcatchers with chocolate cake & masala chai #freehand

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30. Smita

#momentcatchers #september I am pretty late this month. I had a busy weekend and I wasn't sure whether I will be able to join this month's challenge. And towards the very end of the day while arranging stuff, I came across the traditional Naga shawls and this #assamesegamosa i.e. Assamese Gamosa or towels. These are all handloom products produced in cottage industries.I decided to draw a border of the Assamese pattern and draw four different #naga tribal patterns. Nagaland is home to 16 different Indigenous Naga #tribes and each tribe has different weaving patterns. I thought of capturing four this month. Alas, the lights are failing. It's incomplete 😥 I will complete this and post again tomorrow. For now, this is my contribution.

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So, after a lot of struggle, I have managed to complete my contribution for the September's #momentcatchers Out of the 16 tribes and many more unique weaving patterns, I took four that I have plus, the border of Assamese weaving patterns. These patterns are unique as they identify themselves uniquely with one tribe. They are woven out of coloured threads and predominant colours are black-red-white. The Assamese patterns are usually in shades of red on white. These patterns are culturally unique and even hold religious significance. Btw, I have simplified the patterns a lot to capture only tiny portions. They are pretty elaborate. #arttherapy #watercolours #tribalart #nagashawls #Assam #Nagaland #India #incredibleindia #culture #culturetrip

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31. Vidya

32. Vijay

Tea time. #momentcatchers #tea #chai

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33. Paula


34. Dorothy

Mount Gilboa, Jezreel Valley, Israel #momentcatchers

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Jezreel Valley ~ sketching & painting whilst on the biking trails #momentcatchers

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Waiting for the summer to end #momentcatchers

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The Netherlands

35. Jobien

36. Linda

New Caledonia

37. Kerry

Northern Ireland

38. Nina

When travelling I do like a mixture of adventure and slow travel, of nature and urban, of driving and walking, of exploring and observing, of history and modern. The past few days in and around Belfast were exactly that. After active 2 days out and about Northern Ireland, exploring rough cliffs and old pile, I was quite happy to take it a bit slower yesterday in Belfast, walking around, going to the market and the botanical gardens, watching people and chat to them, enjoying one or another coffee and just sit and draw for this weekends #momentcatchers for a while. I walked more than 15kms and still wish that beautiful sunny day never ended. ❤ . What do you think? How do you like to travel? . #momentsofmine #lovebelfast #entdeckeirland #idrawandtravel #loveNI #diewocheaufinstagram #travelsketchbook #urbansketch #ignitetheskillwithin #ohhdeer

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The Philippines

39. Sandra

Sa Karnehan 🐖🐷🐖

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40. Alberta

41. Elisa

Day 57: I think I would never have sketched this architecture if I were just on my own. Having another artist with me really made the experience worthwhile. Veronica @sharenasol_sketches, an artist from Bulgaria, was a student of mine in the Sketch Your Life online class. I was thrilled to meet her, and we exchanged stories and savoured the moment through sketching! She inspired me to enjoy sketching outside amidst the people passing by, to engage with others and to slow down. She said that sketching is her way of integrating herself into the world. Such deep words. . Today, until the 7th of September, join me for Rekindle Memories. Let's treasure each memory by sketching and painting our lives wherever we are! To know more about this initiative, please go to link in profile and select Rekindle Memories. 🎨

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42. Marita


43. Dolo


44. Zenobia


45. JoAnna

United States

46. Amanda

47. Amber

48. Betsy

49. Candace

Moment Catchers, I just can't get enough of your sketches for our September challenge! Especially as this weekend has proved a little trickier than normal for me to catch a moment. All week, I'd been planning to sketch the Outer Banks yesterday before we left the beach…only to wake up to heavy rain that kept pouring all day 🙈☔️ • So after arriving back in Virginia last night, it was time for plan B! You might remember the photo of a gorgeous purple passion flower I shared from my parents' backyard earlier this summer, and as it just so happened, there was a single passion flower on the vine when we returned last night. Although my sketch for this month's challenge wasn't the beach scene I'd been envisioning all week, it still seems like a fitting way to honor my time with my family this summer…and all the fun conversations, reading sessions, pool time, and glasses of wine this backyard has held for me 😎🌺📚 • Naturally, though, it started to rain in Virginia as well before I could paint my sketch outside, so I raced to finish it it by lamplight late last night, before heading to the airport early this morning! I'm now making my way back to Uruguay with @josebonifacino, with a heart full of gratitude for everything this summer has brought about. I'm also so grateful for our Moment Catchers tribe, and can't wait to land in Montevideo tomorrow morning and see the rest of your beautiful sketches–thanks so much to everyone who has already taken part in our challenge! 🎨💜✨

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50. Donna

Dusky Flycatcher stops in our area during migration. #sketchbook #watercolor #birding #audubonlahontan #momentcatchers

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51. Fay

Moment Catchers September

51. Frank

Moment Catchers September

53. Jan

Moment Catchers September

Moment Catchers September

54. Jenni

Moment Catchers September

55. Jennie

56. Joan

57. Karla

58. Kate

Moment Catchers September

59. Kay

I#momentcatchers #UnitedStates#Sunday#sprinkler_cools-splashes#mixed_media#art_music_etc#garden#kay_hornick

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60. LaCount

Colorful umbrellas #momentcatchers

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Jekyll Island, Ga. warf. #momentcatchers

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This is a sketch of Faith Chapel located on Jekyll Island , Ga. It was built in 1904. #momentcatchers

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61. Leah

After two years abroad, finally made the journey back to the Rivah cottage 💙 this place holds the heart of our family 💗 Originally purchased by my grandparents 18 years ago, we have celebrated many holidays, birthdays and celebrations here, and it's where my grandmother taught me the basics of painting 👩🏼‍🎨👩‍🎨 #artistproblems because I know the subject so well, haven't been satisfied with any of my sketches yet 😫 📍Rappahannock River, Urbanna, Virginia 🇺🇸 /// #momentcatchers #pleinair #latergram #global_sketchers #urbansketchers #sketchwalkers #usk #theglobewanderer #thesketchbookproject #watercolor #ink #landscape #virgina #virginaisforlovers #urbanna #family #atraveldiary

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62. Linda

Moment Catchers September

63. Louisa

Moment Catchers September

Moment Catchers September

64. Mark

Sunrise Lake, Yosemite #momentcatchers #jmt

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65. Mary

Moment Catchers September

66. Mike

Moment Catchers September

67. Rebecca

Got to participate in this weekend's #MomentCatchers on Saturday and Sunday from my new homebase in Flagstaff, AZ!

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68. Sunny

Moment Catchers September

69. Susan

Moment Catchers September

70. Suzanne

71. Tai

Moment Catchers September

72. Wendi

Today's weather was C-R-A-Z-Y!! For some of you in other areas of the country, it's probably a common occurrence. But not here in CA!! Near 100 degree temps + thunder showers and flash floods…!?!?! No, thank you. 🙅🏼 I sketched things on one canvas, and then changed my mind about the size and copied my sketches to another canvas. So, that kind of forced me to fit the video into a square, and I tried to center it enough to get all the sketching in view. 🤷🏼‍♀️Still learning 🤗. • • • WWendiWonkySketches #digitalsketch #iPadSketch #freehandsketch #sketch #art4all #everydaymatters #illustratedlife #creativitykillsoldness #insidemysketchbook #frommysketchbook #everydaysketch #sketchingfromlife #momentcatchers #sketchingwhilewaiting #sketchjournal #illustratedjournal #visualjournal #sketching #applepencil + @procreate #procreate

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73. Jade

*   *   *

Thank you again to everyone who took part in our ninth Moment Catchers project!
I’m already looking forward to our next challenge on October 7th and 8th, 2017 🙂

*   *   *

  • Amanda Thompson

    Such true sentiments Candace. I love revisiting all our sketches and stories and especially seeing the non Instagram pieces. What a huge variety and so much beauty in every single image. We really do appreciate the hard work you do Candace rounding it all up and seeing it all together. I am currently on a bus with my beautiful class heading to Brisbane for a Writers Festival and have kids around me drawing pictures and writing about them. Awesome to see. As one little girl added my glasses to her sketch of me she decided I looked like a superhero! We are so lucky to be able to enjoy such things in our lives.

    • Amanda, I’m so sorry just to get back to your wonderful comment here, but I can’t tell you how much it made my day to read. I especially loved picturing you on the bus with your students, en route to the Brisbane writers festival, with your class drawing and sketching all around you–what a great way to spend the journey! Thank you so much for sharing that, and as always, for being part of our Moment Catchers tribe. PS — I simply must agree with your student…you are definitely a superhero in their hearts! 🙂 <3

      • Amanda Thompson

        Thanks Candace. It is a lovely memory now. This was a bumpy sketch of one little girl (and the visible legs of others) from the trip. My ability to draw humans is not a strong skill and the odd jolt added some interesting features and distortions! 😂😂😂https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9fcdb4a0eb8eeeab049417ed8496f86e6769b42de4ec442da107558740ccc6d6.jpg

  • Sunny Christian

    oh these are so fun! and so interesting, getting to see things all over this world. I had wanted to do my sketch on Saturday but wound up doing,,,I hardly remember but had time and the weather was about right for me on Sunday. I had seen my little farm a week before at high noon and loved the way the light made shadows, so wanted to go at that time again and pretty much caught it. I am so enjoying being part of this. As always, Thank You Candace! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed our September roundup, Sunny, and I’m especially glad your beautiful farm sketch (and its gorgeous noon shadows!) were a part of it 🙂 Sending a big hug from Montevideo!

  • jillbrowne

    Thank you so much, Candace. You put so much of yourself into this group and as Amanda said, we really do appreciate it.
    Wow, everyone! What wonderful windows on our various worlds. Thank you so much for sharing, everybody!

    • “What wonderful windows on our various worlds.” You put this so perfectly, Jill–thank you! As I start looking ahead and thinking about possibilities for our Moment Catchers challenges in 2018, I’m really excited to emphasize this aspect of our community 🙂 Thanks so much for being part of it every month!

  • I think I will now have to start getting up earlier on the first Monday of every month so that I have the time to go through all the sketches on Instagram!! You, also,Candace must have to prepare more time to collate this fascinating group of innovative sketches. It’s so heart warming to see how this has grown over the months and the collective appreciation we all have for each other. I echo Sunny, Amanda and Jill’s comments below me here, thank you again, Candace for your time and devotion to this lovely group.

    • Victoria, I was so moved and honored to read your comment here–thank you so much as always for your kind words and support! While these larger roundups do take a bit more time to pull together, I also couldn’t be happier to set aside the time for them, as it means our little global family is continuing to grow 🙂 Please know I’m still swooning from your September sketch and its beautiful burst of light, and that I can’t wait to see what you create throughout the rest of 2017! <3

  • Beautiful work, everyone! I enjoyed seeing what you all sketched over the Moment-Catcher weekend.

    • Serena, your sketch for our September challenge was especially wonderful–I can still picture all the stunning details you included on the temple! I’m so glad you could join us again this month, and I can’t wait to keep following along your sketches and art 🙂

  • Max Redmaxharman

    Oh dear people, what a lovely community of artists. It makes me so happy scrolling through such diverse pieces of art. Thank you all for sharing!!

    • Your joy and support here brought such a smile to my face, Max–thanks so much for being part of Moment Catchers! 🙂

  • Treava

    Thank you again Candace for compiling our sketches. I always look so forward to viewing them. We have such a wonderful group and the sketches are just amazing! The fact that Moment Catchers grows every month shows the power of a great thing!

    • I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed our September roundup, Treava–it truly feels like one of our most diverse and fun challenges yet, doesn’t it? 🙂 I also so appreciate your kind words, and just like you, can’t wait to see Moment Catchers continue to grow! <3

  • Genevieve

    ‘Can’t you just imagine us all like the quote I shared above? Pulling out our sketchbooks with a look of determination and saying: We are going to do this.’ I definitely do! Thank you so much for these round ups, Candace. Especially for the inclusion of those images that get to you via channels other than Instagram.

    • You are so very welcome, Genevieve! I’m just grateful you’re able to join us every month, as I always get such enjoyment and inspiration from your wonderful sketches 🙂 I hope you’re having a great September so far! <3

  • I’m finally having a chance to look at the September round-up, and it’s been an enjoyable and inspiring morning doing just that here at the library. Thank you, Candace, as always, for taking the time to organize this event and collect everyone’s images. Now that I’m on my off days back in Flagstaff between projects, I’ll certainly be pulling out my sketchbook some more over the weekend. (And I just peeked ahead—my next set of off days will coincide with October’s Moment Catchers challenge, yay!)