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Moment Sketchers October

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Moment Sketchers, I just have to come right out and say it — we had 80 artists take part in our October sketching challenge, from 25 countries around the world! Are you in as much delightful disbelief as I am about how our humble tribe keeps growing?

But even before I tallied the final numbers, our October challenge had proven to be one of my favorite challenges yet — and for two very different, but complementary reasons.

First of all, October in the Northern Hemisphere means the fall season is usually well underway, and your sketches were a true testament to the joys and beauty of autumn — not to mention the autumnal colors that take over the natural world around this time each year. Every time I opened Instagram during our challenge, I loved being greeted by a riot of red and russet and gold. As Moment Sketcher Genevieve in Montreal, Canada, wrote so perfectly in her newsletter this weekend, she has been painting up a storm and “happily draining the red, orange, yellow, and brown pigments from their tubes.”

So, too, did I love the signature fall themes you captured, themes like crisp fallen leaves, harvests and farm buildings, and — best of all — pumpkin patches.

Having grown up in the Northern Hemisphere, your sketches took me right back to the October’s of my childhood, which were always filled with hay rides and hot chocolate and that perfect autumn chill in the air.

But at the same time, I loved our October sketching challenge for another very different reason:

While many of you were capturing the colors and themes of fall in your sketchbooks, some of you were sketching in places very far home — and indeed, very far from anywhere I’ve ever had a chance to visit myself.

For the past few months, Zenobia has been taking part in our challenges from Turkey, but this month, she joined us from her new home base — Iraq — sketching from the northern Iraqi village of Lalish, which contains the holiest temple in the Yezidi faith. Jens from Germany joined us on an archaeological expedition through the Basalt Desert in Jordan, where he glimpsed petroglyphs that may possibly be Neolithic. And Tamanna joined us for the first time in Bangladesh, sharing her beautiful capture of a sunset.

I couldn’t be more grateful for this community, which celebrates places both familiar and afar.

Moment Sketchers, you always make the world a little smaller and more connected — thank you for being part of our October sketching challenge!

Moment Sketchers October


1. Amanda

2. Colleen

3. Jan

4. Kar

South Australian Museum…October #momentsketchers for @candacerardon

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5. Max

#momentsketchers Melbourne Australia

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feather & windfall #Collingwood #momentsketchers Melbourne Australia Thanks @candacerardon !!

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6. Victoria


7. Tamanna


8. Vanessa

#momentcatchers #momentsketchers

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9. Fernanda


10. Beth

Minnesota Weekend #momentsketchers

A post shared by Beth O'Dell (@bethodell303) on

August Long: return from Winnipeg Beach. #momentsketchers

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Beautiful Lake of the Woods, Ontario. Feeling thankful for a Wonderful weekend with friends. #momentcatchers

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11. Francois

12. Genevieve

13. Judy

Moment Sketchers October

Moment Sketchers October

14. Lynn

15. Nicki

16. Tracey

17. Treava

18. Victoria


19. Alan

The colours of autumn at the Wildflower garden #uskcambridge #momentsketchers #watercolor

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20. Angela

Trex looking for his legs! #momentsketchers #templenewsam

A post shared by Adventures in Illustration (@raspberrythief) on

No dinosaurs today, struggling to paint walls at Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire. Note the child on top of the ruin isn't one of mine!

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Fountains Abbey. #momentsketchers #fountainsabbey

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21. Belinda

Drew in a public space for first time but took me so long to open sketchbook … #momentsketchers #england

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22. Sarah

Seine et Marne, France . It's the Moment Sketchers weekend! For those who don't know the concept, it's simple. Each first saturday of the month, you sketch from where you are in the world and share it on #momentsketchers . It's a great way to connect with people from everywhere. Thank you @candacerardon for creating this community! My painting for this month is part real, part imaginary, but the countryside was really that green. 💚 . C'est le week end "Moment Sketchers". Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, le principe est simple. Chaque premier samedi du mois, le but est de réaliser un sketch de l'endroit où l'on se trouve et de le partager sur #momentsketchers . C'est un joli moyen de partager un moment simple et un dessin avec des gens partout dans le monde. Merci à @candacerardon d'avoir créé cette communauté! Mon dessin de ce mois-ci est moitié réel, moitié imaginaire, mais en tout cas ce vert était bien vrai! 💚 . . #art_spotlight #emergingartist #travelsketch #travelingartist #instaart #campagne #watercolorlandscape #slowliving #sheexplores #waterblog #aquarelle #landscapeart #landscapepainting #liveauthentic #mynaturestory #watercolorart #womenartists #watercolorpainting #pleinairpainting #creativityfound #carveouttimeforart #calledtobecreative #morningslikethese #natureisbeautiful #distractionsandinspirations #seekinspirecreate #watercolorist #thatauthenticfeeling

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23. Yas


24. Tami

Would you like to see where time comes from? 💫🌸 . Sharing my contribution to monthly #momentsketchers challenge, drawing inspiration from non-material landscapes – Time. How do you explain what you can't see, even though you know it exists anyways? . Time is life itself and life resides in human heart – believed Momo, fearless heroine of Michael Ende's surreal story. Would you dare taking a journey to see how your heart looks like? 💖💜🖤 . #momentsketchers #sketch_collector #sketching #sketchers #art #artistsofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #colors #beautiful #watercolorart #watercolour_gallery #watercolorpainting #windsorandnewton #makemoments #momentofzen #meditate #arttherapy #naturetherapy #sunday #sundayvibes #ff #artist #dailyfluff #doodleandsketch #sketchbook #painting

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25. Alenka

26. René

27. Yamuna


28. Smita

29. Vidya


30. Debbie

The view across the pool to our room at the hotel #momentsketchers #SativaSanur

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31. Lily


32. Zenobia


33. Jill


34. Dorothy


35. Linda


36. Jens

The Netherlands

37. Jobien

Sketching in my friends kitchen.

A post shared by jobien (@jobien_) on

38. Yvonne

New Caledonia

39. Kerry


40. Alberta

41. Elisa

42. Lela


43. Marita

44. Núria

45. Sarah

46. Willie

Sunny Days

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47. Leah


48. Dolo

Hi! WORLD SCKETCHERS TRIBE! #momentsketchers 🎨🌍🌏🌎✏ Hi @candacerardon Thanks for all the beautiful sketches around the globe, love it!!! My sketch for this month catch me in a hill tribe in northern Thailand, in a small Hmong village in the middle of this beautiful mountains and breathe taking landscapes! I love art, and textiles, and more over ethnic textiles, this is the path of my journey, i´m following them catching the stories behind. This is my project, my dream, my trip. Try to capture all this beauty of handmade crafts full of culture to give them a little more voice, keep them alive and make them travel. Contribute this tiny grane of sand to make they do not disappear and carry with them so much history. Here I learned from them and their techniques. From the magic of the indigo, them techniques of batik and embroidery with those who make their beautiful traditional costumes and today also turn them into objects to go to other parts of the world. If there is something that always captures my attention from homes, it is the kitchen, the place of fire, food and home. Therefore, I wanted to sketch that door, the center of daily alchemy, the smell of wood, the taste of homemade food. Behind their fields. And the frame of the Hmong batik technique with beeswax and dyed the intense indigo blue. Hope you like it, and enjoy the story. If you want to know more of my path follow me. 👉 @disfrutadeltrayecto 👈 Thanksssss ! 😊🎨❤💚💛💜💙🌎🌏🌍 #disfrutadeltrayecto #amarlatrama #vivirviajando #delotroladodelmundo #unirlospuntos #trayecto #contarhistorias #buscarse #crearse #viajar #viajeras #amoviajar #travelgirl #aventura #aventurera #inspiracion #sketchbook #travelsketch #dibujo #art #drawing #sketch #watercolor #aquarela #croquis

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49. Steve

United States

50. Amanda

51. Amber

52. Bob

Moment Sketchers October

53. Callie

It was fun to spend some time sketching again #momentsketchers

A post shared by Callie G (@crgarns1225) on

My first attempt for #momentsketchers. Sketching from #usa #texas

A post shared by Callie G (@crgarns1225) on

54. Cara

A quick little sketch for #momentsketchers while in Lake Tahoe for the weekend!

A post shared by Cara Brown (@carakozik) on

55. Chuck

#momentsketchers @candacerardon I’m a little late on this one but I did these on Saturday.

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56. Deanna

Moment Sketchers October

Moment Sketchers October

57. Fay

Moment Sketchers October

58. Frank

Moment Sketchers October

59. Jennie

60. Joan

61. Jolene

These guys have been working on and off for months on this pole. #inktober #inktober2017 #momentsketchers

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Wishing I had something with me to show the marvelous fall colors! #inktober #inktober2017 #momentsketchers

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62. Karen C.

Moment Sketchers October

Moment Sketchers October

63. Karen E.

Moment Sketchers October

64. Karla

65. Kate

Moment Sketchers October

66. Kay

67. LaCount

Nice little NC birdhouse in my backyard. #momentsketchers

A post shared by LaCount Anderson (@lacount3) on

68. Louisa

Moment Sketchers October

69. Mark

Listening to Bluegrass music, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco #momentcatchers #momentsketchers

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70. Michele

71. Mike

Moment Sketchers October

72. Rebecca

73. Rosie

74. Siena

75. Sunny

Moment Sketchers October

76. Susan

Moment Sketchers October

77. Vijay

Stearman at the EEA Annual Fly-in Wichita #momentsketchers #wichita #noplacelikeks #sketch

A post shared by Vijay Matheswaran (@vijaymatheswaran) on

78. Tai


79. Candace

For inspiration today in sunny Montevideo, José and I returned to a little spot we spied during a Japanese Festival last weekend–the Heisei Japanese Garden! ✨ It was a rather lovely moment to walk through the gateway and suddenly be surrounded by so many beautiful emblems of Japan: stone lanterns and pathways, maple leaves and flowering cherry blossoms, and even a curved wooden bridge that immediately took me back to the Japanese bridge in Monet's gardens in Giverny, France 🍁🌸🇯🇵 After a full week here, I loved taking a couple of hours to get my sketchbook out, simply be present in the garden, and think of all my fellow Moment Sketchers around the world doing the same this weekend 😊🎨 Please keep your gorgeous moments coming, friends!

A post shared by Candace Rose Rardon (@candacerardon) on

80. José

Moment Sketchers October

*   *   *

Thank you again to everyone who took part in our tenth Moment Catchers project!
I’m already looking forward to our next challenge on November 4th and 5th, 2017 🙂

Moment Sketchers November

*   *   *

  • Sunny Christian

    oh wow, such an amazing collection of sketches! it makes me so happy to be part of this group! I love raspberry thief’s T-rex–what a moment! and the San Juan map girl–I love that!! so touching to see people from all over this world, what captures their heart for their moment. And honestly, when I look thru all these, I feel friendly connection to everyone, no animosity between any of our countries. Candace, thank you again!!!!

  • Genevieve

    I learn something new about the world with every moment sketchers weekend. Thanks everyone!

  • Amanda Thompson

    Thanks as always Candace. Such gorgeous pictures and amazing variety. I am developing such an appreciation for the different seasons. What joy we have all captured this weekend.

  • I really look forward to the monthly catch up because I get a totally different,and of course larger, perspective on my computer screen. I see things that I never realised were there or the scene just looks so much wider and even more inviting, plus I see sketches that I always miss on Instagram. It is so interesting to see how we all view a scene through our different styles and what we actually capture in those moments.
    Thanks again Candace for this amazing round up of incredible work.

  • Treava

    Candace I so look forward to seeing these every month and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. All of the sketches are so amazing and a joy to discover, even peeps into somewhat enigmatic corners of the world. In the spirit of our (belated) Thanksgiving, thank you for such a wonderful global community and thank you to you Candace for your eloquence and compilation of these posts.❤️

  • What a treat to slowly make my way through this month’s round-up over the past few days, and to interact directly with the Instagram sketchers. I loved seeing the sketches emailed in, too. I always get so much inspiration and am in awe of this community’s creations! Thanks everyone for participating. And thank you, Candace, for bringing us all together and sharing the month’s sketches here. xxx