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Moment Sketchers November

“Colour is a raw material indispensable to life. At every era of…his history, the human being has associated colour with his joys, his actions and his pleasures.”

— Fernand Leger

Moment Sketchers, one of my favorite things about our challenges this year — among many things, that is! — has been watching the seasons change through your sketches. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, the year has gone from summer to winter and is now making its way back to summer again; for our northerly neighbors, the seasons have followed the reverse journey.

But not long after our November sketching challenge kicked off on Saturday morning, I realized there was going to be something pretty special about this challenge. Given that this month marks the height of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere while spring is in full swing down south, our November challenge took place during quite an interesting intersection of our seasonal journeys — bringing two very different but equally colorful seasons together, and resulting in a collection of sketches bursting with vivid color.

From autumnal landscapes and leaves to flowering vines and blooms, here are just a few of your vibrant sketches that caught my eye and captured my heart this weekend:

Moment Sketchers November

Before I sign off and share the rest of your beautiful sketches, I have to share one last thought I came across yesterday, while looking through the #momentsketchers feed on Instagram. In the caption for a sketch by artist and illustrator Angela Hennessy in England, I was stopped in my tracks by a single line she wrote about the challenge:

“We’re all in our own worlds, but connected across the globe.”

In that one singular line, it felt like Angela had somehow summed up the very heart of what Moment Sketchers is all about — and I knew I would have to share it here with you before bringing all of our sketches together. Thank you for that, Angela!

And huge thanks to all of you for being part of our November sketching challenge — it’s an honor and joy to share the myriad moments you captured around the world this weekend:


1. Amanda

2. Colleen

3. Debbie

4. Jan

I’m trying to show Maggie and Angel in the same image! (Not very familiar with Instagram yet.)#momentsketchers

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5. Julianne

I stole a few quick minutes to get down a sketch for Novembers #momentsketchers

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6. Kar

My reading nook….November #momentsketchers for @candacerardon

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7. Kerry

8. Lily

9. Serena

10. Victoria


11. Tamanna

inspired by @davidm_art #momentsketchers #momentcatchers #blackandwhite #doodle #ink #fineliner #art #instaart #creepy

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12. Fernanda

Desenho Imersivo UFRJ 2017.2 🎨🖌

A post shared by Fernanda Marx (@nandasarts) on


13. Beth

First Snow. #momentsketchers #winnipeg #manitoba #canada #urbansketchers

A post shared by Beth (@bethodell30) on

14. Genevieve

Best thing about taking an online course? Doodling without worrying the teacher has noticed! #momentsketchers

A post shared by Genevieve (@regenevieve) on

The tree's growing. #momentsketchers

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15. Jill

#momentsketchers Taking liberties with the colours! #jillcalgary

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16. Judy

Moment Sketchers November

Moment Sketchers November

17. Lynn

18. Nicki

19. Tracey

20. Treava


21. Vidya


22. Alan

23. Angela

#momentsketchers @rspbairevalley #staidans Another piece of home, a place that's really important to our family.

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24. Belinda

Yesterday before the football began #momentsketchers #sofarsogood

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Cafe with the best view across the bay. #scarboroughcastle #clockcafe cafe #momentsketchers

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25. Jane

26. Theo

27. Zenobia


28. Sarah

Shot from the back of my garden again… I’m not getting tired of this view, gazing across the field and seeing all those trees… My painting is a little bit imaginary though, I just let myself be led by the colors and the lines, to see where they would take me! For the #momentsketchers weekend again! 😊 . . Prise du fond de mon jardin… Je ne me lasse pas de cette vue, de voir tout autour de moi un champ et la forêt! Ma peinture est un peu imaginaire par contre, je me suis juste laisser guider par les couleurs et les lignes pour voir où elles m’emmèneraient! . . #art_spotlight #emergingartist #travelsketch #inspiring_watercolors #instaart #campagne #watercolorlandscape #ilovefall #sheexplores #waterblog #aquarelle #landscapeart #landscapepainting #liveauthentic #mynaturestory #watercolorart #womenartists #watercolorpainting #pleinairpainting #creativityfound #carveouttimeforart #calledtobecreative #morningslikethese #distractionsandinspirations #seekinspirecreate #watercolorist #thatauthenticfeeling #autumnmood

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29. Alenka

30. Jens

31. Nina

32. Yamuna


33. Dolo

Hi! WORLD SCKETCHERS TRIBE! #momentsketchers Hi @candacerardon Thanks for all the beautiful sketches, I love November catchers!!! 💛💜🇨🇮🎨❤💚💙 My sketch for this month catch me in Pushkar Camel festival in Rajasthan, India. Is a traditional celebration, one of the India´s largest camel and horse fair. Is an important event for India that takes place during the full moon and an important pilgrimage for Hindus to the lake. Is also a great tourist attraction where you can see traditional garments and dresses from different parts of Rajasthan, traditional games, sports and dances, is a colorful and cultural event. Here some pics and my scketches from the last days in the fair. 😊❤🌎🌏🌍💚 #disfrutadeltrayecto #amarlatrama #vivirviajando #delotroladodelmundo #unirlospuntos #trayecto #contarhistorias #buscarse #crearse #viajar #viajeras #amoviajar #travelgirl #aventura #aventurera #inspiracion #sketchbook #travelsketch #dibujo #art #drawing #sketch #watercolor #aquarela #croquis #india #rajasthan #pushkarfair

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34. Dorothy

Moment Sketchers November

35. Loralee

Sketching from the rooftop this morning 👀📝

A post shared by Loralee Grace (@loraleegrace) on

36. Smita

It took immense courage to upload this. My mind is not at peace. Camera phones, digital cameras and computers have taken away a good habit from many of us – keeping prints. A few years ago my computer crashed and I lost almost all the photos. I tried retrieving but only managed to retrieve a few pictures. Orkut also shut down and I was too busy back then, that I forgot to save the photos. Today, I thought of sketching one of the retrieved photos. It was overwhelming. I chose a pic that had overwhelmed me when I captured it and I couldn't focus even today. So, pondering over whether to upload my two attempts for a long time, I found the courage. It's not about perfection, it's about moments. This picture was taken in 2007 June, somewhere along the Darjeeling – Kalimpong route.. I am keeping this now, but I am going to try it again sometime when I can concentrate and have more patience 😊 #momentsketchers #November

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37. Sudipta

38. Swetha

#momentsketchers #2

A post shared by Swetha G Nambiar (@summeryellowleaf) on

Nailing it for centuries ! My first for #momentsketchers 🙂

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My quick sketch of the Sekumpul waterfalls in northern Bali ✨👀✨

A post shared by Loralee Grace (@loraleegrace) on


39. Safira

Moment Sketchers November


40. Sharon

Sipping mezcal on the patio in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Buen dia! #momentsketchers #watercolorpencils

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41. Daniel

The Netherlands

42. Alberta

43. Jobien

44. Linda

45. Yvonne


46. Elisa


47. Tami


48. Leah

United States

49. Amanda

50. Amber

51. Barbara

52. Bob

Moment Sketchers November

53. Deanna

Moment Sketchers November

54. Dian

Moment Sketchers November

55. Donna

A post shared by Donna Naugle (@artwcoffee) on

56. Fay

Moment Sketchers November

57. Francois

58. Frank

Moment Sketchers November

59. Ginny

Moment Sketchers November

60. Jan

Moment Sketchers November

61. Jennie

62. Joan

63. Jolene

Visiting Rodin's The Thinker. #rodinmuseum #momentsketchers #philadelphia

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Waiting for my flight home. Fighting the setting sun and a plane about to leave to catch this sketch. #momentsketchers #phl

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64. Joyce

Moment Sketchers November

65. Karen C.

Moment Sketchers November

66. Karen E.

Moment Sketchers November

67. Karla

68. Kate

#momentcatchers @mpfconservation studio #portlandoregon #usa

A post shared by Kate Powell (@dkatiepowellart) on

#momentsketchers Lake Oswego #portlandoregon USA Catching color before a client meeting.

A post shared by Kate Powell (@dkatiepowellart) on

69. Kay

#momentsketchers#USA#SundaySchool #children#kayhornick#pastorlearning#escapetograndma

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70. LaCount

Edgecombe County NC. #momentsketchers #watercolorist

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71. Mark

Tattoo shop, Portland Oregon #momentsketchers

A post shared by Mark Krahling (@pausation) on

72. Mary

Moment Sketchers November

73. Mary Ann

Moment Sketchers November

74. Rebecca

75. Rosie

76. Sunny

Moment Sketchers November

77. Tai

78. Wendi


79. Gabriela

Moment Sketchers November

80. Candace

*   *   *

Thank you again to everyone who took part in our 11th Moment Catchers project!
I can’t wait for our final challenge of 2017, on December 2nd and 3rd 🙂

Moment Sketchers November

*   *   *

  • Treava

    Thank you Candace for compiling another opera of stunning global goodness! There is so much talent and beautiful energy this Moment Sketcher community. I believe I say this every month but here it is again, thank you Candace for starting this incredible, inspiring movement and compiling the fantastic images. Thank you to our fellow Moment Sketchers for your continued support and inspiration!

    • Amanda Thompson

      Well said Treava! Global Goodness! These works are amazing and so varied but will threads linking them all together. Such a lovely grou to be part of. As always I love seeing the non Instagram pieces in this round up and also revisiting the pieces which I admired all weekend. Nice to to relive my Sat and Sun on a Wednesday morning! Yu do a great job Candace. Thanks for (trying) to keep us inline. Great fun. See you all next month.

      • @disqus_iJg7IMwqWR:disqus and @disqus_YBPoggmcyv:disqus, thank you both for such wonderful, supportive comments here! And Treava, I couldn’t love this line more–“opera of global goodness” 🙂 What a perfect way to put it! Moment Sketchers is absolutely a testament to the goodness that is still alive and well in the world, and I’m so grateful you two are such key members of our global tribe! <3

  • I so look forward to this part every month. I want to say, ‘Hurry up Candace’ which is really rude but I get so excited. It never ceases to amaze me at how much diversity there is in art. I would say if anyone of us or their friends, ever feels down or needs inspiration, just look at our wonderful collection of sketches all made with love, and lots of it. Look forward to December and love to ALL! XXX

    • Amanda Thompson

      Very good point Victoria!

    • Haha I hope you’ll always feel free to tell me to hurry up, Victoria! That’ll be excellent and welcome motivation 😉 But I love the challenge of bringing all of our sketches together each month, especially as there always seems to be more and more sketches with every new month.

      I also love what you shared about how each collection of sketches could be a source of inspiration for anyone feeling down–art has certainly played that role in my own life, and Moment Sketchers has only expanded on that…not just the amazing level of creativity, which never ceases to inspire me, but the reminder that the world is so much bigger than ourselves and we’re all connected in more ways that we could ever understand. Thanks so much for pointing that out, and for being such a vital part of our community! <3

    • Definitely a fount of inspiration for me here. I love seeing everyone’s art and am always amazed at the breadth of subjects and the diversity there is in art, as you say, Victoria. Very grateful to be part of this creative community.

  • What an amazing colourful collection. There are always a few I miss, so it’s lovely to see them all in your post. I loved having a closer look at that amazing sunset. Grateful as always to be part of a positive, supportive community.

    • Please know the gratitude is absolutely mutual, Angela. I’m so grateful you’re a part of this community, and I’m really glad you enjoyed looking back through the results of our November challenge! And yes…isn’t that sunset Deanna captured something special? All those purples and pinks in the sky nearly took my breath away 🙂

  • So inspired by the colour in this month’s sketches. Lovely to catch up with everyone’s creativity here. Art connecting us around the globe! Thank you candace, I love being part of moment sketchers.

    • “Art connecting us around the globe!” I couldn’t think of a better way to sum up the soul of Moment Sketchers in a single phrase–thank you for putting that so perfectly and beautifully, Colleen 🙂 What an honor and joy it’s been to watch your creative journey unfold this year–and I’m already looking forward to seeing how you grow and evolve as an artist in 2018! <3

      • 💙 Thank you Candace, I feel so supported and encouraged by your words

  • Such amazing work, everyone!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed our November round-up, Serena–and I’m even happier you’re a part of it! 🙂 <3