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Moment Catchers project January

What a weekend, my friends!

When the idea for the Moment Catchers Project first came to me, it was hard to know what exactly the response would be. But before going to sleep on Friday night, I checked Instagram one last time for the day and was amazed to see a couple of sketches had already been shared from Australia, where the weekend was officially underway.

That first moment of wonder really set the tone for the weekend for me, as I continued to be surprised by just how many of you joined our first sketching challenge, and from so many different corners of the world—from Mexico to the Netherlands to New Zealand, and from five different continents in total. Here’s a look at how our first challenge went by the numbers:

There’s so much I loved about our first challenge this weekend—seeing the seasons represented so differently in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres; refreshing the #momentcatchers feed on Instagram to see the latest sketches that had been shared; and especially reading the conversations that were taking place in the comments, as you all followed each other’s work and got to see a different corner of the world through their eyes.

But what I wanted to share most with you today was already said perfectly by another sketch artist in the project, Jean Kelly, who joined us on Saturday from the Philippines. Here’s what she shared with her sketch on Instagram:

“I wasn’t able to do outdoor sketching as often as I wanted to last year, partly because I was a bit apprehensive to get my art materials out and sketch alone in public. Joining the challenge felt great because somehow I didn’t feel alone even when my ‘sketching buddies’ were miles away and time zones apart.”

I felt that same sense of connection and community while I was sketching in Uruguay on Saturday, and I hope you all did, too. Thanks so much to everyone who took part — now let’s see your sketches!

*   *   *


1. Amanda

Ripples and reflections at Quart Pot Creek:

2. Margaret

A not-so-secret swimming hole:

3. Serena

Stone circles and sketchbooks:

4. Victoria

Staying cool in Sydney’s heat:


5. Francois

Saturday morning on Granville Island:

6. Genevieve

Drawing inspiration from the slopes:

7. Jill

Sketching Calgary in real-time:

8. Mel

Cozy view on a colder world outside:

9. Treava

Catching moments in the conservatory:

Perfect day Algonquin Park Canada Jan 2/17 #momentcatchers

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10. Jens

“Suddenly Winter” in Berlin:


11. Maria

Ice cream shops and inspiration:

A post shared by Maria Grinda (@maria_grinda) on

The Netherlands

12. Jobien

Room with a view:

New Zealand

13. Andrew

Summer holiday tradition:

The Philippines

14. Jean

Finding peace in the city:

United States

15. Chuck

Morning therapy sketch:

16. Jennie

An unlikely sketching assistant:

17. Linda

Drawing inspiration from rescue dogs:

18. Michele

Saturday at Sea Life Park:

Sea Life Park on Saturday #momentcatchers #usk #urbansketchers #uskoahu

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19. Natalie

The magic of snowfall:

20. Rebecca

Making the most of a sick day:

21. Sunny

Winter inspiration:


22. Candace

Yours truly, at a Montevideo icon:

23. José

Sketching a Montevideo classic:

travel sketch Uruguay


24. Jade

Weekend creative creations:

*   *   *

Thank you again to everyone who took part in our first Moment Catchers project! I’m already looking forward to our next challenge on February 4th.

*   *   *

  • Amanda Thompson

    Wow what a wrap! Thanks for your work in organising us all and all our efforts, Candace. What a wonderful happy variety. Thanks again and I hope to see you all in a month.

    • Absolutely, Amanda! I can’t tell you what a joy it was for me to watch the project unfold this weekend, and especially to put this roundup of sketches together 🙂 I’m thrilled you were able to join us from Queensland and I can’t wait to see what you create next month!

  • Thanks for compiling all of these, Candace! It’s fun to see where everyone was sketching from. I’m excited to be at different locations for these upcoming months (& healthier) 😉

    • Thank *you* for joining the first challenge, Rebecca! Especially when you were under the weather… I too can’t wait to see your next sketches for the project, especially as it sounds like you’ll be on the move quite a bit 🙂

  • Sunny Christian

    oh my goodness, I am so moved to see all of us here together, isn’t it awesome? Candace, getting us all together like this is just wonderful, I am surprisingly blessed by this! and wow, there are some great artists here and I gotta/will do better next time! see you all in a month, xoxox

    • It truly IS awesome, Sunny, and I’m just thrilled to hear you think so, too 🙂 I was especially moved that you went to such effort to take part this weekend–sketching from your heated car!–and I’ll be hoping your February sketching session will be just a tiny bit warmer for you. I feel just as blessed by this project and our humble community of sketch artists around the world, and I love that you’re a part of it! <3

  • What a net you threw! 🙂 Such a great idea.

    • You were our first Moment Catcher this weekend, Margaret! And I truly can’t stop looking at your sketch–thanks so much for joining the project and sharing it with us 🙂 xx

      • It’s funny I was looking at it again too and wondering when is a sketch a sketch? I tend to work with paint first. I guess we all have our different ways of looking at the world 🙂 Till next month !

        • Exactly 🙂 And it’s what I love most about collaborative projects like these–how we get to see in such a visual way how differently we all perceive and capture the world. I love that you brought a more abstract approach to the challenge, and can’t wait to see what you create in February!

  • Treava

    Candace this is amazing! All the sketches are just wonderful! This is such a warm and supportive feeling knowing we are all doing this together regardless of the physical distances separating us. I want to thank you so much for doing this. I had such an enjoyable time Saturday doing the sketches. I am so looking forward to February 4th.

    • Treava, *your* sketches are amazing! The only trouble with Instagram is that I keep wanting a closer look, especially to read more of your wonderful annotations 🙂 I’m so grateful for the community of sketch artists that is beginning to build around this project across the world, and I love that you’re a part of it, Treava! I already can’t wait to see what you create in February. <3

  • Rebecca Thomas

    What a fabulous idea – have loved looking through the sketches from around our beautiful globe whilst sipping coffee this morning in Marrakech! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Rebecca! I’m thrilled you enjoyed this first collection of sketches 🙂 Hope you’ll have a chance to join our next sketching challenge from Marrakech!

  • Victoria Hannah

    Candace these sketches have utterly blown me away it is truly exciting to see everyone’s techniques and interpretations. I showed a few people in one of the companies I freelance in today and they all kept saying what an absolutely lovely thing for you to do and were just amazed at the talent out there all over the world. This is a lot of work to collate for your blog as well, just magic!
    I love reading what everyone has written under their sketches, and Jennie, i am cat sitting a friend’s Burmese who did the same as your cat, he decided to jump up on the table and sit on my drawing also, so I feel for you.
    I am a fashion designer/patternmaker and it is hugely stressful at times, I have always let it control my life and now I have reason and incentive to move into my what I did not realise until now, is my first love of sketching.
    Being a Kiwi, I have a particular fondness for your lovely sketch of Golden Bay Andrew.
    OK Now to get the thinking cap on for our next drawing~how EXCITING!! Can’t wait to catch up again, wouldn’t it be fantastic for us all to meet, WOW!!

    • Victoria, I love your comment so much, I’m not even sure where to start 🙂 Firstly, I truly adored your sketches–there’s just something magical about them–and I’m thrilled to hear that you are rediscovering your first love of sketching. I’m also so happy you enjoyed the entire collection of sketches–I too am in awe of the talent and creative expression of everyone in our community, and I think it’s going to be rather amazing to watch this project unfold throughout the year. Finally, I *love* your idea that we all meet up in person one day…that’s something to keep dreaming and scheming about for sure! Again, thank you so much for being a part of this community, and I can’t wait to see what you create next month 🙂


  • Wonderful work, everyone! I’m also looking forward to February!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the roundup, Serena! Can’t wait to see your sketches next month 🙂

  • I just LOVE these. Thank you so much for sharing such incredible talent!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the roundup of our first challenge, Jessie! I also found it amazing to watch everyone’s sketches come in from around the world 🙂 And I so hope you might join us next month!

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  • Julia W.

    Thank you. I ran across you about a year ago via some other blog, just as I was starting to add (very beginner) pen and ink sketches to my journal, Your work is incredibly inspiring, Because of you, there is now a small travel water color kit to go with my pens; also paintings from New York, western and eastern Oregon, Vanuatu and more. None are for public view, but this outlet has helped me cope during this year of political turmoil. Best wishes —

    • Dear Julia, thank you so much for taking the time to say hello here, and for sharing about your creative journey with sketching over the past year–it made my day to hear that you now travel with a watercolor kit 🙂 And how wonderful that you’ve been able to draw inspiration everywhere from Oregon to Vanuatu–what a treasure your journal must now be for you. Please let me know if I can ever be of help to you on your sketching journey, and I hope it continues to reward you, both at home and on the road! <3