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Happy weekend, Moment Sketchers!

After a very fun week of roadtripping through North Carolina — which included staying in the world’s most charming log cabin, snowboarding for the first time in five years, and reuniting with friends I also hadn’t seen in far too long — I am thrilled to be back at my desk in Montevideo and ready to share the full roundup of sketches from our January challenge.

While I glimpsed many of your sketches as you shared them last weekend, today was the first chance I’d had to go through them all together, sketch by sketch. On one level, you might say I spent the entire afternoon at my desk — with a steaming cup of coffee in hand, a tea light candle burning beside me, and the air smelling of mint and citrus from my new essential oils diffuser. But on another level, your sketches whisked me around the world and back again — to local parks in Australia; to hockey practice in Canada; and to a beautiful collection of beaches from Cuba to Oahu.

For me, this spectrum of subjects and seasons is now a fundamental part of Moment Sketchers; it’s a vital monthly reminder of just how big and varied our world is. Isn’t it amazing how an ordinary Saturday or Sunday can unfold in so many different ways, depending on where we are in the world? As I’ve been thinking about this new year ahead, the phrase “Share Your World” keeps coming back to me as a kind of unofficial theme — and having now seen your January sketches, I believe in that theme even more.

Thank you all for sharing your world with us during our first sketching challenge of 2018, and I can’t wait to see what our second year together as a community holds for us!

Moment Sketchers January

Moment Sketchers January

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1. Laura


2. Aggie

3. Amanda T. 

My first #momentsketchers for 2018. I struggled to come up with something really summery for my hometown, well something I could even attempt to try. I settled on our main park – Weeroona Park because it has so much greenery and is near just about everything in town including the pool, art gallery, library, civic centre and more. In exactly two months it will be alive with locals and tens of thousands of visitors (my favourite visitors the bands and food!) for our biennial Apple and Grape Festival. This little mound of grass and the granite rock have been played on by local children for generations. 29C here as I text. Hope the northern hemisphere sketchers are staying warm. Nearly forgot to say this was the first outing for my brand new #thenimbleclaw pawn brush – I love it. #pfeifferartsupply #stanthorpe #thegranitebelt #summerinqueensland #weeroonapark #summer #twomonths until the #appleandgrapefestival #januarymomentsketchers #momentsketchers2018

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4. Anne

5. Colleen

6. Dolo

Hi! WORLD SCKETCHERS TRIBE! #momentsketchers Hi @candacerardon HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! WELCOME 2018 full of sketches !!!! ❤🌍🌎🌏❤🎨😊 I welcomed the new year in the water. Literally receiving it from the sea. In this country downunder that taught me to flow, in which I learned also to follow the wind, in this corner that many times i called home. We are water, sometimes we float, sometimes we swim, sometimes it also takes us. It cleans us, it moves us and it destroys others. Cry, drink and flow. Water moves, purifies, sometimes calm, sometimes a storm. I celebrated it floating that hybrid between wanting to release the anchor or continue with the sails in the wind. Patterns of water, movement, bubbles and the sea. Happy 2018!!!!. May it be that adventure between sailing or staying on the coast! Wish you that this year is all that we want to create!! —————-***————- Este año lo empecé en el agua. Literalmente recibiéndolo desde el mar. En este país del sur que me enseñó a fluir, en el que aprendí a seguir el viento, en este rincón que muchas veces llamó casa. Somos agua, a veces flotamos, otras nadamos, a veces también nos lleva. Nos limpia, nos mueve y otras arrasa. Llorar, tomar y fluir. El agua mueve, purifica, a veces calma, otras una tormenta. Lo festejé flotando ese hibrido entre querer soltar el ancla o seguir con las velas al viento. Patrones del agua, del movimiento, las burbujas y el mar. Feliz nuevo año!! Que sea esa aventura entre navegar o quedarse en la costa, que sea todo lo que queremos crear !! #disfrutadeltrayecto #amarlatrama #vivirviajando #delotroladodelmundo #unirlospuntos #trayecto #contarhistorias #buscarse #crearse #viajar #viajeras #amoviajar #travelgirl #aventura #aventurera #inspiracion #sketchbook #travelsketch #dibujo #art #drawing #sketch #watercolor #aquarela #croquis #patterns

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7. Fire and Ice Studio

View from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. #momentsketchers #sketch #sketchpractise

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8. Jan H. 

9. Justine

10. Kar

11. Kerry

Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia. I made it home just in time to spend Christmas in the place that feels most like ‘home’, Pittwater in Sydney’s north. We climbed to the top of Barrenjoey to see the lighthouse and the beautiful views. This is a very quick sketch of a place that ties me to childhood.Thank you @candaceroserardon for initiating #momentsketchers a year ago – it has provided me with a monthly touchstone throughout a very turbulent and – at times – difficult year, and I have loved being a part of the supportive, inspirational MomentSketchers community. Fantastic to look back on the diversity of the year that was and the work of all the amazingly talented artists who’ve posted from around the world. Looking forward to catching more moments in 2018! #momentsketchers #palmbeachsydney

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12. Max

Inspired by eco-dye experiment #momentsketchers #collingwood #australia

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13. Serena

14. Victoria

30oC yesterday and 40 today so not venturing out to have flies at my face and ants eating my feet! The breeze is like an oven through the window. This sketch was started a week ago after watching a beautiful video by #guillaumebonn showing diaphanous drapes in Kenya. It set a dream scene for me to frame either an African savannah or O’ahu, it took a few days to decide as they are both favourites of mine but then I really want to go back to the USA this year. This time I laid down the watercolours first then inked the outlines afterwards, I even had my sketch books out to help me this time and did a test run first!People who know O’ahu will notice I have taken creative license with the sunset in relation to Diamond Head. I am going to practise this diaphanous feel again…. not easy! #momentsketchers #oahu #hawaii

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15. Tamanna


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16. Beth

Hockey sketch practice. #momentsketchers #winnipeg #manitoba #canada

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17. Brenda

18. Daniel

19. Genevieve

I have never been so grateful to my grandmother for having taught me how to knit than I have been this past week. Montreal has been treated to -20°C and below temps paired with a constant wind to make it feel more like -35°C since I stepped off the plane bringing me back from Christmas with family on the west coast. 🍁 . So, this month's contribution to the Moment Sketchers community is a selfie of me wrapped up in a scarf I knit in while living in New Zealand and a toque (and socks, trust me, they're just out of frame) I knit while sailing off the coast Norway, all made possible by moments sitting next to Oma (Mom's Mom) as she patiently guided my fingers through knitting lessons. Thank you so much for all your patience, Oma! You are with me every time I prepare myself to step outside. 💕 . . . #momentsketchers #canada #quebec #montreal #mtlmoments #selfie #knitting #itsfreakincold #ilovemontreal

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20. Jill

Looked out the window. #momentsketchers #jillcalgary #jillsketches

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21. Judy T.

Moment Sketchers January

Moment Sketchers January

22. Lynn

23. Melanie

Moment Sketchers January

24. Tracey

It's WAY too cold to do any #urbansketching today (currently -21C! ❄) So instead I'm painting pictures I love! This swan photo was from @wildweroam's adventures in Prague, Czech Republic and I'm totally dreamy eyed over everything they did! (Seriously, check out their blog!! 😍😍) . Happy to be sharing this photo as part of 2018's first #momentsketchers challenge of the year! 🎊🎉 . Paper @cansonpaper_northamerica #cansonpaper cold press Paints @daler_rowney #dalerrowney Brush @princetonbrush 2 round (Water technique from @ekatearcher on @skillshare 🎨🌊 #ekatearcherSkillshare) . . . . . #watercolor #watercolors #watercolor_gallery #artlovers #drawing #watercolorsketch #painting #watercolorartist #illustration #artofinstagram #art_we_inspire #watercolorpainting #watercolorart #paintingart #instaart #watercolorillustration #burlingtonart #hamiltonart #sketchbook #urbansketcher #urbanpainting #prague #czechrepublic @candacerardon #wildweroam

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25. Treava

We had to venture out in the cold but sunny Saturday to help friends move a few items to their new house. We warmed up in the ambience of a small but romantic Persian restaurant, Sheherzade. The food and decor was awesome. There were paintings on the wall of the tales of 1,001 nights. Beautiful lanterns hung from the ceiling and fine tapestries covered the tables (under glass).I loved the colourful tiles on the front of restaurant and the saffron and rosewater ‘ice cream’ was divine and not freezing cold like mist ice creams. It was a beautiful dessert garnished with pomegranate seeds, pistachios, almonds and dried rose petals. I just had to sketch it! (I sketched from photos I took). The entrees were amazing too! There was a nice table at the front of the restaurant in front of the large window but they were not sitting anyone there – it was too cold! #momentsketchers #momentsketchers2018 #toronto #travelsketching #watercolour #watercolor

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26. Nicki


27. Alan

28. Angela

Brrr! #momentsketchers

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January Momentsketchers #momentsketchers #momentsketchers2018

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29. Belinda

Aisha this morning. One more cup of tea before I go. #momentsketchers

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30. Drew

1/12 Wishing I was here 💙 #momentsketchers #cornwall

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31. Jade

32. Linda

33. Theo

34. Zenobia


35. Sarah

First #momentsketchers weekend of the year! 😊 I have a clear view over the sky from my desk so I decided to focus on that for today’s sketch. Through the window, I could see some birds flying away now and then and I knew I had to include them in my painting. I like how water is reacting with the paint to create the clouds, it’s all in finding the right amount! . C’est le premier week-end #momentsketchers de l’année! 😊 De mon bureau, j’ai une vue bien dégagée sur le ciel, alors j’ai décidé de me concentrer sur ce sujet. A travers la fenêtre, je peux observer des oiseaux voler au loin, et je ne pouvais pas ne pas les inclure dans ma peinture… J’aime beaucoup comment l’eau réagit avec l’aquarelle pour créer les nuages, tout étant dans le dosage! . #sheexplores #birdsart #artdaily #illustrationgram #simpleandstill #inspiring_watercolors #handsandhustle #createcultivate #craftsposure #ofquietmoments #watercolorart #mycreativespace #skypainting #waterblog #seekinspirecreate #dailydoseofpaper #inspiredbynature #moodygram #illustree #searchwandercollect #tempuradesign #happyartistmovement #illustrationdaily #illustrationow #watercolorsky #theslowdowncollective #mybeautifulmess #watercolorblog

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36. Alenka

37. Dorothee

38. Jens


39. Tami

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else 💫 . Jumping into first #momentsketchers artistic session of 2018 from movie theatre with heart full of butterflies and head full of magic – if "The Greatest Showman" is on somewhere in your vicinity, no longer waist time and head to see some wonders of human potential come alive. Hugh Jackman – incredibly talanted and charming human being & my one more reason to love Australia, makes it all happen in front of your eyes as P.T Barnum, the greatest showman 🎩💜 . Wishing sweetest and lovliest @candacerardon and all my dear artistic fellows a year and sketches full of magic 👀💫 . #momentsketchers #sketch #sketchbook #art #artistsoninstagram #artistofinstagram #painting #doodle #watercolor #windsorandnewton #watercolorgallery #illutsration #watercolorillustration #thegreatestshowman #thegreatestshowmanfanart #hughjackman #hughjackmanart #ptbarnum #magic #momentofzen #quoteoftheday #doodleandsketch #sketching

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40. Smita

41. Vidya

After a busy but fun weekend, utilised the difference in time zone to sneak in 2018’s first contribution to the #momentsketchers community. @deeptipradeep brought us gifts from her trip to Japan which proved to be the nearest source of inspiration in the early morning hours. After going back to sketching after almost a decade in 2017, I’m still a novice learning about the art supplies out there. As I learn more and more, no surprises that I’m turning into a stationary hoarder much to my delight. 😬Glad to open my 2018 sketching innings with a cool sketchbook that @handmademandalas brought me all the way from Houston! A @stillmanandbirn zeta series, 270 gsm paper. Thanks Sangeetha. 😊Also, I must confess I had a little too much fun colouring this sketch with @kokuyo_camlin brush pens. Happy 2018 to the #momentsketchers community & I’m hoping the sketching game will stick to plan and go strong this year too! 🤗🤞🏼Much love. #sketch #sketchbook #sketching #sketchingchallenge #japanesedoll #japan #kokuyocamlin #stillmanandbirn #giftsthatgiveback

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42. Marianne


43. Dorothy

Painting Blue Skies on a January morning #momentsketchers #artist #watercolor #bluesky

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44. Flora


45. Fran

Moment Sketchers January

The Netherlands

46. Jobien

47. Linda

48. Sanitha

49. Yvonne

New Zealand

50. Mel

Primary and secondary colour wheels I’m a little surprised, well not really, that I’ve never done colour wheels for any of my paints. Mainly because I’ve just been teaching myself watercolour by things I don’t like in my paintings and things I like in other people’s paintings. Realised I’m at a slight block today with Painting so decided to open my #everydaywatercolor and have a read. I’m still in the introduction, where I realised my lack of colour wheels. So here are two I’ve done really quickly, sitting in the dark with my student grade paints. Photo taken with the rest of the natural light just before the sunsets and the slight glare from the tv. #watercolour #watercolor #everdaywatercolor #colorwheel #colourwheel #primary #secondary #schminckeakademie #silverblackvelvetbrush #cansonpaper #aquarelle #акварель #momentsketchers #rekindlememories #lazysunday #painting #relax

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51. Nataliya


52. Alberta

A construction site across the causeway. #momentsketchers

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53. Marita

54. Sol


55. Gino

United States

56. Amanda G.

57. Amber

58. Barbara

Mandala watercolor #momentsketchers Chico, CA

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59. Callie

60. Candace

Happy second day of sketching, friends!! I’ve loved seeing all of your beautiful sketches so far, and now I’m thrilled to share my first (quick) sketch of the weekend, from Biltmore Estates in Asheville, North Carolina. I have to confess, though, that this wasn’t exactly the sketch I’d imagined creating yesterday — as the house was *crazy* crowded and sketching inside sadly wasn’t possible! 🙈😭 • By the time we made it to the winery for a little complimentary wine tasting, we were running late for dinner plans with my good friend @kimdinan1, so I only had about 15 minutes to try and capture something. *But* I have to say that my favorite part of this sketch was getting to know the two men serving our wine tasting, Mike and Chris. They said they’d never seen anyone drawing or painting in the winery before, and they both seemed very excited to watch the sketch unfold 🎨✨🙌🏼 • So even if the sketch isn’t one of my all-time favorites, it was a great reminder that sometimes the sketches that we are ourselves aren’t super happy with, can still be interesting or inspiring to others 😊 I can’t wait to see what you keep creating throughout the weekend, Moment Sketchers!

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Happy Wednesday, friends! For the past three days, I have had the delightful honor of getting to call this cozy little log cabin in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains home…and what a magical three days they have been ✨✨ The cabin originally dates all the way back to 1815, and in 2007, its current owner painstakingly took note of the position of every log before moving the cabin six miles from its original location! 🌲 • You can feel this amazing sense of history and care the minute you step inside, especially as the living room is full of vintage furniture and beautiful historic touches. My original plan was to create a series of small sketches, capturing these little touches and details, but then @josebonifacino challenged me to create a larger “panoramic” sketch of the living room…and of course I couldn’t say no to that! 💪🏼🙈 • All together, this sketch took about 6.5 hours to create — one hour of pencil outlining, two hours of drawing with pen, and 3.5 hours of painting — and now I couldn’t be more grateful to have such a perfect souvenir to remember our time in North Carolina by. And as for you, our little cabin…we’ll be back before you know it! 😍⛰❤️ • PS — Just in case you haven’t seen them, I uploaded an entire series of process shots and videos to my Instagram Stories, outlining how I brought the sketch to life! 🎨🖌

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Happy Monday, friends! From the moment @josebonifacino and I started planning our roadtrip through North Carolina, José has only had one request: “Can we please go skiing one day?” It had been more than ten years since his last time skiing in Argentina and more than five years since my last time snowboarding, but yesterday we both finally returned to the slopes! ⛷🏂❄️ • The minute I laid eyes on the beautiful stained-glass window in the @cataloocheeskiarea’s main lodge yesterday, I knew exactly what I would be capturing for my second sketch in our January challenge. Don’t you love how all the pieces of the window fit together? Thank you all for taking part in our first challenge of 2018 this weekend, and for sharing such incredible work from around the world — I can’t wait to bring all of our sketches together soon! 🎨🙌🏼❤️

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61. Christopher A.

#Momentsketchers #NewMexico

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62. Christopher F.

63. Danielle

64. Dale

Moment Sketchers January

65. Deanna

Moment Sketchers January

66. Debbie

67. Fay


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68. Francois

69. Frank

Moment Sketchers January

Moment Sketchers January

70. Jan M.

Moment Sketchers January

71. Jenni

Moment Sketchers January

72. Jennie

73. Joan

74. Jolene

75. José

El mejor souvenir para llevarse a casa | ✍️ #momentsketchers

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76. Joyce

Moment Sketchers January

Moment Sketchers January

77. Judy F.

Moment Sketchers January

Moment Sketchers January

78. Karen C.

Moment Sketchers January

79. Karen E.

Moment Sketchers January

Moment Sketchers January

Moment Sketchers January

Moment Sketchers January

80. Karla

81. Kate

Squeezed out a watercolor #middleofthenight as I am missing home Laguna #momentcatchers

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82. Kay

83. Linda

My watercolor work for today is still drying, but here are yesterday and today's collage pieces: The one on the right (day 5) was inspired by the walk UP the steepish trail to get to Brandy Creek Falls on Wednesday, and the one on the left (day 6) was created tonight after Marshawn and I walked a trail to the old Shasta mine. The mine is now just a hole in the ground… disappointing, but I was fascinated by the rich yellow-gold color of the soil after last night's rain. I'm thankful for another beautiful day in California and for bonus days at Whiskeytown! #momentsketchers #momentcatchers #whiskeytownnationalrecreationarea #stradachallenge #storyboard #stradaeasels #matissecollage #artoninstagram #artbylindaroesch #papercollage #watercolor #constructionpaper #cutouts #artbylindaroesch #artistlinda #artistinresidence #nationalparks #altnationalparks

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The last few days have been all about Marshawn… before the rain she enjoyed a grueling hike up the mountain to see Brandy Creek Falls (pictured here) and since the rain she's been on a few easier trails, like yesterday's hike to the mine hole. She does great, and she loves it! I think she's staying at the cabin today though. It's my last day at the park and a bit overcast for painting, but I'm going out to see what I can find. Hopefully no bears!! #nationalparks #artistinresidence #watercolor #waterfalls #whiskeytownnationalrecreationarea #shasta #california #artistlinda #artoninstagram #pleinair #momentsketchers #urbansketchers #sketchingspot #theotherlindaroesch #painting #outdoors #takeahike #stradaeasels #stradachallenge #day7 #30paintingsin30days #travelartist

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84. Lisa

Maybe slightly sharper pic… #momentsketchers

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Putting myself out there more is my goal, my intention, for this new year. Not easy for me. So I’m purposefully posting this in-process art in a poorly lit, off-kilter pic! 😂 Taken in #Galveston over the weekend while participating in @candacerardon ‘s monthly #momentsketchers challenge. I started to learn to draw and use watercolors a few months back. I can’t say how exactly, but it’s been a big help healing from the loss of my mom, a hurricane and other things that happened last year. I believe we’re all creative creatures at heart. It doesn’t have to be formal-like, or art, but… What are you creating today? #creatingalife. . Furture sketches posted at @lisadlifeartist . . . . #perfectlyimperfect #lifeisbeautiful #creativityheals #exploreyourcity #exploreyourworld #coffeeshop #texas #travelmore #ilovetravel #travelpics

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85. Mark

86. Mary

Moment Sketchers January

87. Mary Ann

Moment Sketchers January

88. Michele

89. Rebecca

Think it's time to call this one "done," before I ruin it. Here's Frankie! Swipe right to see process photos. This is my second attempt at Frankie–you can see the first attempt at the end, #10 • Lessons learned from this one: -Be patient at the pencil stage, it will pay off. -Printing the picture and drawing a grid on it is very helpful for said pencil stage. -Don't use the heavy pen for initial outlining (I almost wish I hadn't used any pen at all, and simply painted over the pencil–there are parts of the dog where I really don't like seeing that dark line, notably across the top of the head and along the right side of the body). • I'm always learning something through every sketch/painting! #MomentSketchers

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90. Robert


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91. Sheila

92. Steve

93. Sunny

Moment Sketchers January

94. Susan

Moment Sketchers January

95. Tai

96. Wendi


97. Rachel

98. Rosario


99. Jen

Great spotted woodpecker – Earlier this week, a woodpecker started appearing on my bird feeders, so I thought it’d be fun to capture that moment for #momentsketchers. 😊 Great spotted woodpeckers are not particularly common garden birds, but I’m lucky to live in one of the most wooded villages in Wales. As a result, I occasionally get some very interesting birds on my bird feeders. Most of the time, it’s just boring looking sparrows, but hey they need some help too! #art #illustration #sketch #nature #drawing #drawingaday #sketchaday #worldofpencils #pastel #fabercastell #instaart #instaartist #pencilart #creativityfound #practicemakesprogress #coloredpencil #artistsofinstagram #woodpecker #animaldrawing #animalart #animalsofinstragram #birdart #birddrawing #birdsofinstagram #birdlovers #pittpastel #pastelpencil #dailydrawing #practicemakesprogress

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*   *   *

Thank you again to everyone who took part in our first Moment Sketchers challenge of 2018!
I’m already looking forward to our second challenge, on February 3rd and 4th 🙂

  • Amanda Thompson

    Thanks as always for the round up Candace. Always so nice to relive all our weekend which feels like it was spent together all nearly 100 of us. Seeing the fantastic work of the non Instagramers is always a real treat too. Have a great month everyone. See you in February.

    • ❤️❤️🌸🌸 Same to you Amanda, it’s like being back with the family, without the niggly ‘family’ bits that is!!

      • Amanda Thompson

        So well put Victoria 😂😂😂

  • alexanderphd

    That was a great way to start the day, scrolling through the sketches. Thank you.

  • It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly diverse the styles of our group are and it is so lovely to have us all still together for over a year.
    Magic stuff Candace and can’t wait to see how we all get our creative juices blended!

    • I agree, Victoria! Thanks so much for putting this all together, Candace. Looking forward to next month’s moment sketching weekend!

  • Awesome work, everyone! What fun to look through all the sketches from around the world. 🙂