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My name is Candace, I’m a writer, sketch artist, and illustrator, and I’m glad you stopped by. Have a look around, or drop me a line at [email protected] Thank you for reading!

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Speaking Speaking

As a self-made creative entrepreneur and seasoned traveler, with over six years of experience through nearly 50 countries, I love sharing the stories and skills I’ve learned along the way.

Sketching & Illustration Sketching & Illustration

As a sketch artist and visual storyteller drawing inspiration from the world, my passion for illustration lies at the heart of where culture, connection, and creativity all converge.

Writing Writing

As an insatiably curious writer, I document moments of deep cultural immersion and connection – from a pearl farm in the South Pacific to a village of sea gypsies in Thailand.

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Take FLYTE: Notes on the power of travel.

Take FLYTE: Notes on the power of travel.

Posted on Jul 22, 2015

I will always believe in the power of travel to point us down the paths we’re meant to pursue—the world plants seeds, and in time, life brings them to fruition.

Coming up for air on Lake Atitlán.

Coming up for air on Lake Atitlán.

Posted on Jun 30, 2015

My mind raced to plan adventures, but my soul swiftly put her foot down—because deep down, my soul knew that what I really needed most from these seven weeks is stillness.

An illustrated history of Girona.

An illustrated history of Girona.

Posted on Apr 6, 2015

Here in Catalonia, where there’s such a debate taking place over the region’s future, it seemed all the more important—vital, even—to understand Girona’s past before I could begin to imagine its path forward.

Through the stories and sketches I share here, I hope

you’ll fall in love with the world and the myriad possibilities

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Just a few of the wonderful people I’ve worked with.

Paula Froelich

“I loved working with Candace – her illustrations are not only beautiful but descriptive. I needed something very specific and she delivered quickly and en pointe. The video that her work is used in is cited by many as the most artistic and creative of the A Broad Abroad Series.”

- Paula Froelich
Don George

“For the header of my new website, I wanted a sketch that would tell the tale of my life. Candace worked with me to figure out what had been the defining places, moments, of that story – and then captured them perfectly! She rendered the story of my life more beautifully, charmingly, and movingly than I could ever have imagined.”

- Don George
Amy Gigi Alexander

“Candace was such a pleasure to work with. Within a week, she sent me the preliminary sketches, and they were exactly what I wanted. Using the palette I had in mind, she re-created my journey with her brushstrokes. Her sketches tie my website together, and people who read my blog are entranced by the ethereal feeling they induce.”

- Amy Gigi Alexander