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Hello! My name is Candace, and I’m a sketch artist with a passion for helping you connect with the world through art. Pull out your sketchbook and watercolors and find your favorite view — I’m glad you’re here!

Hello! I'm Candace Rose Rardon, I'm a professional sketch artist and storyteller, and I'm here to help you connect with the world through art:

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I love helping you develop your sketching practice and discover the many gifts sketching has to offer us.

Moment Sketchers Moment Sketchers

Welcome to our global community and monthly sketching challenge, when we put our passion for art into practice.

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Latest stories from the blog

Moment Sketchers Project: Sharing our sketches – January 2018

Moment Sketchers Project: Sharing our sketches – January 2018

Posted on Jan 12, 2018 | 7 Comments

As I’ve been thinking about this new year ahead, the phrase “Share Your World” keeps coming back to me as a kind of unofficial theme — and having now seen your sketches, I believe in that theme even more.

The Moment Sketchers Project: Share your world in 2018!

The Moment Sketchers Project: Share your world in 2018!

Posted on Jan 4, 2018 | 5 Comments

Moment Sketchers, it’s that time again — our 2018 monthly sketching challenge is about to begin! I can’t wait to see what moments, stories, and sketches await our amazing global community of artists this year.

Leaving ‘the lived’ behind: Happy 2018 from Moment Sketchers!

Leaving ‘the lived’ behind: Happy 2018 from Moment Sketchers!

Posted on Dec 27, 2017 | 21 Comments

It is this image of beauty and reflection that I will be carrying with me into the start of 2018, having left ‘the lived’ of this year behind — and I hope that this picture, and Alejandra’s timely words, hold inspiration for you as well.

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Meet the Moment Sketchers community

Rebecca, humanist & writer, USA

I struggle to put into words how Moment Sketchers has already impacted my life — because how can one measure the serendipity of human connection? Sixteen pages into my first watercolor journal ever, travel sketching continues to gift me with memorable moments — even after the sketching is complete.”

- Rebecca, humanist & writer, USA
Jens, archaeologist, Germany

“When I’m traveling, I often wonder if I’ve really seen all those places stored on my camera’s SD card — if I really experienced them. This is what I enjoy about sketching so much and what makes Moment Sketchers so precious: feeling the pulse of a scene, the soul of a moment – and creating a memory which lasts.

- Jens, archaeologist, Germany
Victoria, designer, Australia

Joining Moment Sketchers has opened up a love that I had forgotten and put aside for many years. There is wonderful support within this group of new friends worldwide; this is a magical environment and Candace is very generous with her invaluable knowledge, watercolor advice, and videos.”

- Victoria, designer, Australia